About Us

16Sales.com was created by the owner Neil Doran to pursue my interest in providing quality goods at reasonable prices.

16 Sales.com began operating in Glen Innes NSW in 2014 as a drop shipping business, selling compatible printer cartridges. We still drop ship today.

The business started to drop ship, quality Stoltz batteries in 2015. Stoltz batteries aren't the cheapest in the market but I have always insisted that quality comes before price. Our supplier has spent much time and effort in checking the quality and longevity of the components to ensure a very high standard.

Our suppliers now hold one of Australia’s largest battery ranges and is also one of the leading specialist battery repacking services.

The original repacking business continues to concentrate on batteries that are unusual, electronically sophisticated or are no longer available as new. We now have an extensive battery testing and diagnostic laboratory which assists greatly in the acquisition and approval of new battery products.

Our supplier is one of the few Australian battery repackers that specialise in lithium technology.

As the battery chemistries have improved from NiCD to NiMH, then to Li-ion and its various compositions, it has been important to have experienced and knowledgeable staff to keep ahead of shifting trends.  Our supplier is proud of its Sales and Technical staff and their understanding of new, rapidly evolving battery technology.

The team at 16Sales.com continues to work hard to ensure that your trading experience is easy, timely and completely satisfying.

We strive to give all of our customers a superb quality, great selection, competitive prices and awesome customer service. 

Our location is 16 Oliver Street Glen Innes NSW 2370

Nation Wide contact: 0448743143