• DeWalt 14.4V 2500mAh TDW026 NiCd Power Tool Battery

Buy for $105-00.

Replaces battery models:

DeWalt, TDW088, DC9091, DE1444, DE9038(3.0Ah), DE9091(2.0Ah), DE9092, DE9093, DE9094, DW9091, DW9094(1.3Ah), TDEW0321, BCD-DW9091-BP1

and suits the following models:

DeWalt, DC528, DC551KA, DC612KA, DC613KA, DC614KA, DC615KA, DC728KA, DC730KA, DC731KA, DC735KA, DC735KB, DC757KA, DC757KB, DC830KA, DC830KB, DC833KA, DC835KA, DC835KB, DC930KA, DC935KA, DC935KB, DC935VA, DC936KA, DC936VA, DC983KA, DC983SA, DC984, DC984KA, DC984KB, DC984VA, DC985KA, DC985VA, DCD920KX, DCD930KX, DCD930L2, DCD930VX, DW054K-2, DW055K-2, DW906, DW911, DW918, DW928, DW928K, DW928K-2, DW931K, DW931K-2, DW935, DW935K, DW937, DW937K, DW941, DW941K, DW941K-2, DW954K-2, DW966, DW966K, DW966K-2, DW969K, DW969K-2, DW983, DW983K, DW983K-2, DW984, DW984K, DW984K-2, DW984KS-2, DW985, DW985K-2, DW985KV-2, DW990K-2, DW991B, DW991K-2, DW991KC-2, DW991KQ-2, DW991KS-2, DW992K-2, DW994, DW994KQ, DW996K-2, DW996KQ, DW996KV-2


Voltage: 14.4 Volts

Capacity: 2500 mAh

Watt Hour: 36 Wh

Chemistry: NiCd

Free delivery Australia wide for as many as you want to order!

Battery Guarantee:

Of course to back up our quality standards the Stöltz Battery range has a full twelve month guarantee and warranty, from the date of purchase from us.

Stöltz batteries are not the cheapest in the Australian market as we insist that quality comes first, regardless of price.

Any problems you have with the goods you have purchased please get in touch with us.

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DeWalt 14.4V 2500mAh TDW026 NiCd Power Tool Battery

  • Brand: DeWalt
  • Product Code: TDW026
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • $105.00

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